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Re: DS9 & Voyager Music?

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Goldsmith didn't even write the incidental 'filler' music for Nemisis, I guess because they didn't want interesting artistic music, just ambient rythmic generic action music. Besides, Berman saved alot of money that way. He kept the music for star Trek mediocre on purpose so it would last longer if nobody really noticed. Once again he saved alot of money that way. Trek has become the space monopoly - you get what we give you crap - and if if you don't like it, we'll take that away from you too.
First, on what do you base the assertion that Goldsmith didn't write some of the music for Nemesis?

Second, how does keeping the music in Trek bland save money? They hired composers to write an original score for each and every episode of all the modern Trek series and, with the exception of the last season or two of Enterprise, also paid a live orchestra to record each and every one of those scores. Whether they were bland or not doesn't change how much that cost.
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