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I haven't used the DLC squad member all that much, but I just finished one of the Priority missions and, damn, was I glad I took him along. He had dialogue during that mission that I feel really added to the history of the ME universe.

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I dont know if anyone else noticed this but on the wall of the Normandy there is a
Unfortunately, I've noticed that there's an entry missing.

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Yeah I learned my lesson in ME2: given the option, ALWAYS punch the reporter. One of the few renegade actions I've taken.

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What's the deal with Allers?
is there any purpose to having a strange looking, poorly voice-acted noncom on the ship?
After certain big events, she'll ask to interview you in your cabin. Your dialogue choices can have positive or negative consequences for War Assets.

Also, as clint g pointed out, she is a possible romance option - for both male and female Shepards. Samantha Traynor is an option only for female Shepards, and Cortez is an option only for male Shepards.

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I spent a good 20 minutes trying to perfect my attack on a thing that was begining to really piss me off cause I was dying so much. But when it started talking to me I shat my pants that was neet.
if you're talking about what I think you're talking about . . .
I KNOW RIGHT!? that was a seriously frustrating battle
For me, the old cliché "third time's a charm" proved to be true for that particular battle. I also managed to get the same outcome as backstept.
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