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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

I thought a bit more about what it is exactly that bugs me about all this.
And it's Cryptic's Trademark of being Customization King among MMOs (as far as I've seen).

They went to great length at the beginning to let you choose your ships (space characters) with as many freedom in appearance as they could afford.
This policy resulted in ships like the Envoy class (shudder), but the intention was the right one.

2 Years later we still have lots of custumization, but only for stats NOT for appearance at all with the new ship.
It seems the goal is everybody flies the same new super ship with the most desirable abilities and powers and is even allowed to pick which stat version for customization.
But individuality and freedom of identiy seems completely lost in the design plan.

Cryptic has forgotten their biggest strength.

In part we are to blame for this... but only in part.
We have been complaining the whole time that we are forced to pick ships we don't like for stats we need.
Akira fans can't fly their ships if they want to be tanks, Galaxy fans are pissed because their favorite can't be a good DPS machine and Costitution fans are screwed in every way possible.

Now the solution is no alterative at all anymore. Really?

Is it really necessary to sell powers (and that is all there is to their business atm) bundled with the ships?

If I had my way ships would just be class costumes.
You pick cruiser, science or escort class and slap any matching costume you bought or unlocked on it.
Make them completely customizable.
BO layout the way it is wouldn't be directly tied to the ship, but be defined by bridge modules (like kits) you buy or unlock.
Final stage would be special power consoles like they have now divorced from any ships.
Spoiler me one more time! I dare ya! I double dare ya!
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