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Re: Could we have an alien Captain?

My ideal characters for the next series:

CO - Captain - A Bolian woman, early-mid 40s
XO - Commander - A Caucasian human man, mid 30s, his boyfriend is a non-com aboard
Sci - Lt. Commander - A Middle Eastern (possibly Muslim) human woman, mid 30s
CMO - Lt. Commander - A Vulcan female, appears to be mid-30s (actually far older)
CEO - Lieutenant - A human male, late 20s
Sec/Tac - Lieutenant - Human, late 20s
Ops - Lieutenant - An Orion male, late 20s
Counsellor - Lieutenant JG - A new (or previous 'guest') alien male, mid-20s
Conn - Ensign - A Cardassian female, early 20s
NCO - Chief Petty Officer - A Betazoid male, mid 30s, the partner of the XO
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