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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

These days i mostly see odysseys (probably due to it being teh only free VA ship for a lot of people), and it's only going to get worse.
And it's not like the PuGs can do anything about you once you are on the team, as there is no kick button, but have you seen some of the rage going on in chat and on the forums concering anything BUT DPS ships lately?

Anyway, I will test the thing on Tribble once it's up and do a side by side comparison to the best of my min/max abilities.
Goal will be to match every bit of set up I have for my Sovereign and compensate for any disadvantage the Odyssey has. This would be turn rate and no bonus to weapon power and then compare if and where the Odyssey exceeds the Sovereign in addition.

Right now I am leaning to using the tactical variant for this because that is the one that can match my Sovereign console set up.
To compensate for the turn rate I probably have to equip at least the Chavron Seperation console or all 3. That will cost me console slots, but on equipping all three i get a boost I power levels and armor resistance. So that shouldn't be a problem.
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