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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Simply put: we had about 5 cruisers of the line until recently, 6 if you count the Galor, each with their own niche.

Now we have just 1, all the others are reduced to being barely adequate.

I already have to fight for my place in STF groups with a Sovereign. If min/maxers had their way we'd be all flying escorts for the DPS.

Now the only cruiser that will be accepted at all will be the flagship because their is no reason not to fly it if you look at the numbers.

No, I won't give up my Sovereign just yet, in fact I hope for a +1 I can upgrade to without sacrificing my space character.
I don't have anything against the business model of +1, not since FTP anyway, but killing diversity is not good for teh game in any way.
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