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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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The Sovereign was pretty much replaced by the much older Excelsior-class in-game. If there's a ship to replace older Excelsior and Galaxy-class cruisers, I'd rather it be a current 2409 vessel. Especially one that was said to be the "flagship" and "pinnacle" of starship design. However, we'll see what the final stats are after it goes to test next week.
Not really... the excelsior had a mildly different BO layout and better turnrate but weaker hull.
I prefer the slightly less powerful ensign and lt slot to the single LtC slot for versatility reasons because I need less BOs to change a single power.

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I could still take one of those out with my Excelsior. These ships are powerful, but it's all about tactics, and in terms of PvE, uberweapons won't mean jack when the STF Borg tear through them.
Yes, a better player in a weaker ship is still better than a crappy player inan Übership, no contest.

But if you play the same scenario in the better ship your performance will noticably increase.

I can rebuild every cruiser layout with the Odyssey and I mean every single one from Miranda to Galor.
The only drawback is the slow turnrate, but this gets migitated by A saucer seperation which gives you a combat pet even and B the set bonus of the 3 consoles which has power management and skill benefits as well.

And it's not only cruisers that start to become obsolete... Who in their right mind would buy a Nebula class or a D'Kyr now if he values performance even a bit?

The only ships not affected much (yet) because gameplay is so different with them are escorts.
But DPS wise the tactical version of the Odyssey will give them a run for their money if commanded by a tactical captain.
And DPS is even higher for the BortaS.

BortaS must be hands down the best ship in the game now, since everything is so DPS oriented anyway.

STF Borg ripping through them? Don't think so. BortaS will rip through THEM and Odyssey will outtank everything and still do decent DPS.
I already outtank the Elite Borg in my Sovereign. With Odyssey it will be a breeze.
So from a purely PvE perspective you feel you won't use the Sovereign anymore because these ships are much better? I'm not quite sure I follow that reasoning. I fly ships like the Galaxy-class, even though there are much better alternatives, because I want to fly it.

Unless you feel forced to do so, what would the issue be with these ships? PvE is already so laughable that you can pretty much face roll the keyboard for most content. And the stuff you can't, well, like you said; you're already outtanking Elite Borg in your Sovereign, so no need to replace it, is there?
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