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Re: Star Trek: Audacity

Yeah, the concept needs to be about Maquis-like colonists. About fifteen years after The Dominion War. A relatively fledgling Federation/Starfleet Embassy having been established on a backwater, seemingly-unimportant planet / solar system nicknamed 'Gaia' near Idran. It's not especially valuable for minerals but its Class M, spacious and the air is clean.

In the years since its establishment, in-roads have been made with various Delta Quadrant species, intrigued by the stories about Voyager, its crew and fantastic technologies. Freighters and other wagon trains have been headed for the Gaia System, Idran and Bajor's wormhole to find out more about the outsiders and what they have to offer (or use against them all.)

A small task group of five ships (Olympic, Intrepid, Sovereign, Norway and Whorfin-Class,) a have been sent out to retrace Voyager's steps, confirm and/or debunk the status of the Borg's alleged demise & otherwise continue Starfleet's original mandate to seek out strange new worlds, new civilizations.

Certain cabals within the Federation want to sabotage this newest task group by any means necessary, to curtail any prospective provocation or percieved invitations to aggressors like the Dominion, Typhon Pact, or The Borg.

Your character could be a Ben Maxwell-type character that comes upon reasonable evidence that there's a pending Dominion or Borg plan to attack the Federation...that the war never ended.

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