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Re: Variety says John Carter film is poory scripted and directed

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^ John Carter was Noah Wyle's character on ER.
Hah, I knew there was some guy with that name on a doctor show! (I never watched ER). I even looked up Anthony Edwards on imdb to see if it was him.

James Cameron can get away with whatever title he liked. (I wouldn't lay odds that most people even knew any of the definitions of "avatar" - it was probably just some weird sci-fi-y word to a lot of people.)

Doesn't everyone remember the immense pre-release hooplah about that movie? It was Titanic all over's costing too much money, oh no, he's really gone and blown it this time...or has he? Are the effects really as groundbreaking as they say? Just the curiosity factor would get butts in seats.

No way John Carter has that kind of high profile. It's just another silly, disposable sci fi movie, and it's about to bomb.
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