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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Antimatter
B is for Boothby
C is for Ceti Alpha VI which exploded 6 months after we were left here
D is for Devil in the Dark
E is for Empath
F is for Fedewation Battlecwuiser
G is for "GET OUUUT!!!! GET OUT OF THERE!!!" (Kruge, STIII)
H is for Heisenberg Compensator
I is for Intra-ship beaming
J is for "Justice"
K is for Kobayashi Maru. The purpose of the simulation is to experience fear in the face of certain death. You can't simulate fear.
L is for Lenara Kahn
M is for Minsharra Class Planet
N is for Nachelles (< ample ones? )
O is for Obsession
P is for Playing dom-jot
Q is for quantum photon torpedoes. Open fire.
R is for Resistance is futile
S is for Saratoga, Miranda-Class vessel
T is for T'Pol's bum
U is for Utopia Planetia
"Its like weve set up Khan as some perfect ex-girlfriend/boyfriend who dumped us a long time ago, and we compare everyone we date to Khan. Well never be happy if we do this!" - Ryan Britt
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