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Re: DS9 & Voyager Music?

CoveTom wrote: View Post
DS9 actually has a lot of good stuff. I think the composers were let off their leash a bit for that series. With Voyager, though, you could just take one track and put it on a loop and that would be your complete collection.
xortex wrote: View Post
There wasn't alot of wiggle room under Berman's incompetant artistic blanket. Anything that wiggled out was cut off under his watchful all powerful eye.
There is a lot of generic filler stuff, I'll agree; but they did have moments throughout where some things did shine. Maybe it's not enough to warrant a big deal box set, but a nice 2 or 3 disc release.

If I re-watched all of DS9/VGR I could likely come up with a good comprehensive list of tracks, lol.
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