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Star Trek: Audacity

I'm currently writing a fan fiction...well....with my OWN cast though and it's supposed to be a few years AFTER Star Trek: Voyager. Before I tell you the main plot I'd like to say this is mainly about the Borg, my all time favorite Trek enemies and their origin.

Here's the plot:

A Commodore tells Starfleet Command that he wants to go exploring and learn about the Borg's origin and asks them for permission to go to Borg space and try exploring, but the Council disagrees with him and tell him it's too dangerous. The commodore gets very angry with them and almost attempts to do his mission on his own without their permission. He is caught trying to steal a shuttlecraft by a crewman. The commodore is once again called to the Council, and they are disappointed in him. However, the commodore has friends in the Council who secretly agree with the commodore. After the commodore is put in the brig on Spacedock and demoted to Flt. Captain , his secret friends help him break out. The former commodore's secret friends lie to highly skilled starfleet officers and tell them they're going to study a special anomaly and they need the best help. The former commodore and his friends steal a Storm class starship, the newest class built in the fleet but only as a prototype and highly unstable and head to the Delta Quadrant, and there that's when they tell the crew about the “real” mission. The crew is extremely angry to be going against Starfleet but the former commodore and his friends force them to obey. Now they search for information concerning the origin of the Borg.


Flt. Captain Alvin Ramirez: Commanding Officer- A human male man. Age 38.
Alexander Stuart: Civilian/Supervisor- a human male man. Age 35.
Betsy Hicks: Civilian/Supervisor- a female human woman. Age 37.

Commander Carol Freeman: Executive/First Officer- A human female. Age 30.
Lt Cmdr. Seerik: Chief Engineer- a Romulan male. Age 40.
Ensign Lisa Frost: Helmsman- a female Human. Age 31
Lt. Cmdr. Zordock: Chief Medical Officer- a Monchezke male. Age 94.
6 of 12: Security/Tactical- a liberated Borg human. Age 23
Lt. Quiana: Ops- a female Q/Human hybrid. Age: Unknown
Lt. JG Jerrod York: Science- An El-Aurian male. Age: 345
Ensign J'Nette: Counselor- a female Klingon. Age: 20

Ship: USS Rogue Storm Class

What do you think so far? I've all ready started writing the story which I will post soon someday, but how do you like/dislike the general plot. Constructive Critique/Criticism is very fine with me.

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