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Re: Star Trek and Homosexuality

I remember two stories of Whoopi Goldberg having, or at least trying to have, an impact on the presence of gays on Star Trek.

The first was during a scene in Ten Forward she asked two male extras to hold hands at a table, just as something to be seen in the background if you were looking for it. Unfortunately, someone higher up freaked out and had them not do it.

The second was in a scene where I believe Data is asking Guinan about love or mating or something along those lines. Whoopi's line was, "When a man and a woman fall in love" but she changed the line to, "When two people fall in love".

It really is amazing that there wasn't a single gay character in 25 seasons of modern Trek. Not one. For such a forward thinking franchise it's a shame they were afraid to go somewhere that other shows had already gone to, safely, at the time.
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