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Re: Will Fringe bow out with a fifth season?

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It needs to end. I have this feeling that somehow Blue and Orange are going to merge, what with Orange Olivia now being Blue Olivia, too. That way we won't quite lose all of the characterization that's been going on, but find a way for people to be happy again.
I'm sure they are going for a way to merge the universes. After all, the "orange" one is how things were supposed to be, had Walter not stolen Peter.

I have mixed feelings about Fringe. While I love the characters and the overall story arc, the one off, X-Files rip-off creature features got old quickly. The next time a television executive pitches a story with "FBI Agent deals with the supernatural" I hope he's tossed out on his ass.

I used to be pretty irritated with the show's writers lack of even a basic understanding of science, but I've gotten over it.
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