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Re: Star Trek and Homosexuality

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... and lastly the Second/Tactical Officer is a Trill woman who is having a long-distance relationship with an Orion woman on another ship).
I have wondered if two isolated ships could through subspace communications tie in together, and allow two people to have a "rendez-vous" on the holodeck. Not a holo fantasy character, but a interactive encounter in real time with their actual lover.
I would think that by 2378 (when my Border Service fanfic is set) that that could be a very real possibility. What someone does on the holodecks in their own personal time is their business, and (thanks to "Up The Long Ladder") we know the ship cleans itself so the next user would be none the wiser.

I mean if holodecks were around now, they would predominantly be used for porn/sex wouldn't they?
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