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Re: resurrecting Star Trek: Secret of Vulcan Fury as a animated TOS st

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(4) Is the material even worth resurrecting (i.e. is it any good)?
from 2007:
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There was a plan to novelize the script that Dorothy Fontana wrote. But I'm not sure if it ever got off the ground.

Earlier this year, Fontana had this to say about it:

It was a very complicated story. It was big.There was mystery. There was a chase. There was threat and danger. It was five parts that were really very full and complicated. The ‘Vulcan Fury’ was actually one of the moons of Vulcan that was actually a weapons platform that had long bead dead and some happens tore-activate it. Which would then threaten the Enterprise which was in orbit and other Federation ships.
I have asked [CBS Products Exec] Paula Block if I can take it, clear it,and make it into a novel. I haven’t got an answer back yet, but I think it would be a heck of a great story as a novel.
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