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resurrecting Star Trek: Secret of Vulcan Fury as a animated TOS story

Star Trek: Secret of Vulcan Fury is a [unfinished 1998]1999 unreleased PC game from Interplay. It was written by D.C. Fontana and featured the voices of William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, DeForest Kelley, James Doohan, George Takei, Walter Koenig, and Nichelle Nichols in their original roles.
Yes the same Interplay that made Starfleet Command, New Worlds, Starfleet Academy: Strategic Command, and Checkov's Lost Missions expansion pack for Starfleet Academy.

The voice recordings of the actors were done in 1998. The project put on indefinite hold October 1998.
Most of you have seen these two videos on Youtube but I'll link them here for reference.
Trailer 1:
Trailer 2:

To be able to use the recorded voices of all the actors would be awesome for a animated episode or special for a TAS blu-ray as a major feature to purchase TAS.
I looked around the net.
Apparently because they only completed 5% of development and most of that was story and all the original crew having their dialogue recorded (De Kelley did all his but they had to re-record a few lines with an impersonator when the story changed slightly as he was sadly too ill...). The lead artist also left but even before that they had started from scratch twice so the budget was well over $10M for only 5% so Interplay canned it and have yet to revive it.

they have constructed all of the characters in 3D, as well as new guest characters, the Enterprise, Romulan warships, various space stations, the planet Vulcan

A friend of mine working for the company has stated that no plans are being made to complete this project in the light of Activision getting the license from Viacom as of 2002, and the voice recording of all the main stars of the TV series will not be used in any upcoming project.
-Gary Seven of Eleven
aintitcoolnews 1998

In the past, there has been confusion over whether or not DeForest recorded his lines before he died, but we have confirmed that De did record all his lines from an earlier version of the script. However, as the game progressed, the script changed and De was too ill to come in and record new lines. Maurice LaMarche (Brain from Pinky and the Brain) was then hired to do the new McCoy lines.
- [from the no longer working link]:
The game itself never existed. What people are interested in is the story and the audio that was was recorded. It was the last Star Trek work the entire original cast did and the story was written by Star Trek writter legend D.C. Fontana. Several companies had in the past approced Interplay about buying that content to make a new game. Probably 3rd person action or rpg.. The other possiblity would be to make an audio book or cgi movie from it. The sticky point was that if you bought the content from Interplay, you still had to buy the rights to use it from Paramount.
2005 source

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Ronald Held said:
Who owns the voice tapes and where are they?
I was told by a former member of the Interplay staff that if the voice recordings still exist, they are probably on magnetic tape and being stored in one of the many storage facilities that houses the sorry remains of Interplay's stuff. The stuff in these storage facilities is not organized apparently, and it's unclear if anyone would even know how to find the tapes. I once tried to get the contact information of the guy who apparently organized some of stuff being stored, but I was unsuccessful. Maybe I will try again.
There is a 2007 dead TrekBBS thread for reference
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A recording script has been seen floating around the Internet
Interesting bit of Vulcan Fury happenings...
dead ebay link. forum thread:
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Memory Alpha entry

an archive of the official website:
TrekCore: Secret of Vulcan Fury - pictures, trailers, FAQ, plot, etc.

Yes shall we discuss the possibility of resurrecting the audio recordings and creating a Trek TAS CGI episode rather than our experiences of playing Trek videogames?

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