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Re: And a Star to Steer Her By

Some captains liked to walk onto the station through the docking port when their ship was docked to DS5 while others preferred to beam straight into one of the station’s transporter rooms. Terrence Glover belonged firmly into the second category and Amaya Donners had a good idea why. A beam-in was simply more dramatic and therefore much more his style.

She stood ramrod straight, with her hands clasped behind her back as she waited by the platform while Glover materialized.

It was unmistakable that the younger Glover was his father’s son. Blessed with the same large stature, broad chest and shoulders, good looks and the unwavering confidence not just of an unquestioned leader but also of a man who knew he would achieve exactly what he set out to do. Some would have called this arrogance. Terrence Glover probably didn’t.

“Permission to come aboard,” he said but had already jumped off the platform with a beaming grin on his face.

Protocol would have demanded that he’d wait until she would give him such permission before taking a single step. It was of course mostly a redundant practice of decorum but it annoyed Amaya that he didn’t even have the patience to wait the one-second the procedure required.

“Permission granted,” she said under her breath. “Welcome aboard, sir.”

He stepped right up to her and grabbed her by her shoulders. “Maya, anyone ever tell you that you look great?”

“You do. Every time you come by.”

“People need to tell you more often,” he said with that boyish grin.

“Whatever you say, sir,” she said and then pointed towards the doors. “Your father is expecting you in his quarters.”

He removed his hands but stayed in place. “Lead the way.”

She nodded and set out. She had secretly hoped that he would have simply found his way on his own, after all he was quite familiar with the layout of the station himself and would have been able to find the admiral’s quarters with ease. But again, that was not his way. And she was also fully aware that he liked to find excuses to talk to her.

“Honestly, I can’t believe you’re still on this bucket,” he said as he walked beside her down the corridor. “Your talents are being wasted here.”

She rolled her eyes. She didn’t need to hear this from him of all people. “I’m perfectly content with my duties here, Captain,” she said and began feeling like an automaton, repeating the same thing over and over again.

“Maya, we’ve known each other how long now? Four years? You should really call me Terrence. You're practically part of the family,” he said as he followed her into the turbo-lift.

“Level Three,” she said and the lift set in motion.

“And this whole cold shoulder routine is not working on me. I know you like me, why else would you come welcome me personally every time I come to visit?” he said. He was leaning casually against the wall, facing her even while she kept her shoulders straight and her eyes towards the doors.

“I do that for every visiting captain,” she said.


She turned to look at him. “No, really.”

He smirked at that, noticing that she was beginning to relax. Sooner or later women tended to do that in his presence. But in all the years he had tried, the pretty first officer of DS5 had never let herself succumb to his charms.

“You know, I’m free for dinner tonight. Want to join me?”

Terrence Glover was nothing if not direct. He didn’t believe in dancing around people and in part that was exactly why he tended to be as successful as he was, both as a starship captain as well as in other endeavors.

“1900?” she said.

This caught the starship captain by surprise and he stood away from the wall.

A playful smile came over her lips at having been able to faze the un-fazable.

“Perfect,” he said. “The Hitching Post?” he added referring to the station’s most prominent establishment.

The lift doors opened and Amaya walked out. Within seconds he was back at her side.

“I was thinking about something a bit quieter,” she said. “How do my quarters sound?”

If Terrence was surprised yet again he didn’t let it show this time. Instead he followed her example and kept his eyes forward, speaking to her without affording one glance in her direction. “Sounds good. I’ll bring the wine.”

They reached the admiral’s quarters and as they came to a stop in front of the doors they once again turned to face each other. A concerned thought was clearly crossing Glover’s mind. “Wait, do you still have that beast staying with you?”

“Cosmo?” she said with a smile. “He’s harmless.”

He shook his head slightly “He’s got claws and I got a little bit too acquainted with them last time I came by.”

“Yeah well, he’s a bit protective. You know how men are. But I’m sure you’d be able to handle him.”

It was a clear challenge and if there was something Terrence Glover didn’t back away from it was a challenge. She could tell that his mind was churning, running the figures on the potential pros and cons of a visit to the beast's lair.

“I was thinking of inviting Lieutenant Mendes to join us,” she said, having been able to wipe that grin off her face and sounding perfectly serious. “You remember Jasmine?”

She knew she had him. She also knew that Terrence Glover remembered Jasmine Mendes extremely well. It wasn’t a particularly well kept secret that the two had been involved in an on again off again relationship for the last two years and no matter how rocky it got between them at times, the general consensus was that they’d end up with each other for good eventually. In no small part because it was rumored that the Admiral himself had been the matchmaker and seemed to have a vested interest in making it last.

“On second thought,” said Terrence. “I don’t think 1900 hours is going to work for me today.”

“Shame,” she replied straight-faced. “Some other time then?”

He nodded.

“Captain,” she said and walked away, leaving Terrence Glover to enter his father’s quarters while she couldn’t quite get that growing smile off her lips. One had to enjoy the little victories. They didn’t come around very often.

* * *
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