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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Timelord_Victorious wrote: View Post
Sometimes I would like it to turn a little faster
If you aren't already using one I've found the mk XI RCS console helps with that.

Rocketeer wrote: View Post
Sovereign - I love the ship (and own it), but the Excelsior Refit is my baby. Whoever put that into the game has my eternal gratitude. Perhaps they should come out with a tier 6 Sovereign for when Cryptic raised the current rank cap.
I would rather they just keep 5 tiers, theres really no point to raising it plus the Odessey which is the new flagship is T5, it makes no sense to add news ships that are better than it especially one its replaced as the flagship class.

intrinsical wrote: View Post
I just learnt today that a science officer with a medic kit can easily trivialize Infected Ground missions. My science officer's aoe heal boost the team's damage resistance by 25 and I can apply a dampening field on the boss, causing her damage to be reduced by 66%.

It got to the point where the chain lightning only dealt 50 points of damage, which I can easily heal.
This is why I like having a well rounded team of different classes instead on the majority of one class. I was on an all tac team that tried to do infected ground on elite and it wasn't pretty.
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