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Re: Yourself in Star Trek Online?

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Appreciate the info. Does "/renderscale" effect normal play or just when you punch Print Scn?
It effects the normal play too, so I tend to switch it on to do a screen grab and then switch it off again.

BTW you can also do decimals, so /renderscale 2.5 is valid (or /renderscale .5 if you need to reduce the quality because the game is running slow)

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Btw, whatever happened to the restrictions against fraternization in the military? I see you all guys having relationships with your crewmembers. I transferred my first officer when she got a little too friendly. ;-) Have to maintain crew discipline and morale. Hey, crew morale is a variable that would be cool to have in the game.
Lex and Parker's relationship predates his command of the Argus by several years, going all the way back to the Academy. They married while serving on the USS London and initially they weren't serving together on the Argus.

More info:
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