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Re: OT: THe Dark Knight Rises by Greg Cox

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You can't trust the person at the bookstore to buy the book, and read it front-to-back.
As a non-fan, I bought ST:TMP's novelization on impulse, following an enthusiastic review of the movie itself by a friend, who was at the gala Sydney premiere. I started to browse (and there is a beautiful, glossy photo section in the Aussie version!), intending to not finish the book before going to see the actual film. I couldn't put the book down!

Then, when meeting new ST friends at ST gatherings over the next six months, I discovered that I seemed to be unique in liking/understanding the movie. Esp. re Deltan pheromones, Decker's parents, the New Human Movement, Kirk's ex-wife, and what happens at the end to Vejur.

I couldn't locate a ST II novelization early enough, but ST III had a delayed release Down Under (about four-five months, IIRC), so the ST III novelization was like manna from heaven! So much new material!

And yeah, I read the "ET" novelization long before catching that movie. I also much preferred the connection between M&Ms and the Speak 'n' Spell to the movie alien's fascination with Reece's Pieces.
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