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Re: Star Trek and Homosexuality

This is a topic that I think should be addressed in future Trek--either the next series (if there ever is one) or maybe the Nu-Trek movies (Chekov has a boyfriend maybe? ).

Considering that Trek is supposed to be about equality for all, the fact that a discriminated demographic has been ignored is (as a gay man) infuriating. In all the fanfic that I write, I always include at least one gay character in the main cast (in one guest ship, the Border Cutter Kukui, I actually have three: the Captain is a Bajoran man, married to another Bajoran man, with an adopted Cardassian daughter; the First Officer is a human male currently in a physical relationship with the male CO of a station; and lastly the Second/Tactical Officer is a Trill woman who is having a long-distance relationship with an Orion woman on another ship). Having a homosexual character doesn't mean that Trek has to become X-Rated, but a little recognition would be nice!
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