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Re: All my ships in 1 place

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I really like the Pip-class. But I have reservations about the Seaduck-class. If those structures beneath the saucer are pontoons for water landings, won't the nacelles be totally submerged? Is that okay for them? Also, it's been said that about a quarter of a starship's overall tonnage is its warp engines, so, would that make this thing a bit aft-heavy in the water? Seems like it's be dragged down by the engines and the bow would point more or less at the sky...

(Love the name though...I loved Tailspin since I was a kid! Best show on the Disney Afternoon!)

Thanks for the Comments and yes TailSpin is a good Cartoon Well id assume the weight of the 2 Oberth Class pods would be enough to level it out + the Warp nacelles would never be active in water id make sure theres a failsafe built in so the ship doesnt create a warp field in the water or the ship doesnt accidently go to warp in it.
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