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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

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Can I get some opinions on 'Full Circle'? I am a Voyager fan but have read no VOY Lit beyond Pathways and Mosaic. So, two questions:

1. Is Full Circle any good?
2. Should I read the previous VOY books first (and are they any good?)


1) Yes, Full Circle is good. Actually, it's more than simply 'good'; it's excellent.

2) If you can get your hands on them, I would definitely recommend reading the other 'Relaunch' novels. However, it may be hard to find the Spirit Walk duology. Fortunately, Kirsten Beyer does an excellent job of 'bridging the gap', so that you can go straight from The Farther Shore into Full Circle with no problem whatsoever. Regarding the quality of the books that precede Full Circle, I personally enjoyed them (although I haven't yet had a chance to read the fourth one , Enemy of My Enemy [the second book in the Spirit Walk duology]), but would suggest reading them and forming your own opinion about them.
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