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Am I the only girl in here...?

I've been walking my entire life, never had a car as a kid. In the last couple of years I've started jogging (as gently as one can, don't want to hurt my knees). A few months back I started watching what I eat, and I have lots 16 lbs so far. So happy!
Never fear! I'm throwing my double X chromosoms into the ring as well.

I've also been jogging for the past years as well, equally gently at first as well (I was elected Queen of the Couch Potatoes). Now I run most days of the weeks, usually around 6 kilometres, 10 when I have the time. Knees are complaining it about it from time to time, so I stretch after every run. It helps.

Do you run with music or without?
It depends. Sometimes my reason for getting out running is more than just wanting exercise. Sometimes it's just to get away from my hectic household, and enjoy the quiet of nature. But I do find that when I do listen to music as I move, it makes me move much faster. Very motivating! It's pretty much 50/50.

I hit a plateau after I made that last post. Can't seem to lose any more weight, no matter how low I go with calories. It's hell!
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