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Star Trek and Homosexuality

this topic always puzzled me in star trek,there were no gay characters at all in the TREK universe,seems weird since it is a very advance stage of society were everyone is beyond insignificant hate/discrimination.
in addition i read many interviews with Gene and some other writters,all of them were really interested in making a gay couple as part of a trek series.

In an interview with gene,he said he was thinking about inserting a gay couple in season 5 and later,1 of the character would be close to Diana...he died before he could do that.

i also read about DS9 wanting to create a gay secondary character on the station,but was refused by the network and the idea was not supported by Berman.

as for VOY,the concept of seven of nine was first written as Female who later discovers her homosexuality,and that she would be the first in the trek franchise that also was removed by the network.

on ENT it was stated very publicly the first season that Malcom reed is gonna play the first homosexual male,also edited later on...

most of the explanations are that the homosexual concept would be too new for the franchise etc...

Kate Mulgrew when asked about the subject said that she has no problem would have been an acting challenge to play or cope with a homosexual role in Scifi (she seems very gay friendly). she also said that she even suggested it to berman after many requests but berman responded '' in due time''.

With all the fanfic about Janeway/Seven as a Lesbian couple i don't find Homosexuality weird in trek .

Captain Ikaru Sulu played by George Tekei was the only out in public homosexual actor he was publicly seen in a gay pride with he's Boyfriend.

And now the newest spock played by Zachary Quinto is the second gay man to step in trek.

So why wont they make a dam cute gay couple? its the 24 century we are all open minded there it is a very educated world,based on peace prosperity liberty between different cultures etc.....

so what do you guys think? would it be cool to have a gay couple?character?at least a gay episode?
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