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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

I finished Children of the Storm a couple days ago and really enjoyed it. The only, very minor disappointment I had, was that the core Voyager characters seemed secondary to the plot. That's not to say I didn't enjoy the new characters. It's just everyone's been talking about how Chakotay is finally getting development and what-not, and I just really am not seeing it three Beyer books in. But really, interesting story, enjoyed it a great deal.

Also overcame my frustration over e-book-only editions and read Typhon Pact: The Struggle Within. It was fine, but I really would have preferred a longer story. I think Christopher's strength really lies in the densely-plotted novels that I have been able to just lose myself in.

And thus ends the giant goal of getting caught up on Trek! Well, at least as it stood when I started the list. What I had planned to cover in 2011 bled over into 2012 a bit, but I'm super proud of myself for sticking to it and finishing:

12/23/10 Vendetta
12/27/10 Avatar Book One
12/29/10 Avatar Book Two
1/3/11 Diplomatic Implausibility
1/7/11 Intellivore
1/19/11 Immortal Coil
1/31/11 The Battle of Betazed
2/12/11 Section 31: Abyss
2/19/11 Gateways: Demons of Air and Darkness
2/19/11 Gateways: Horn and Ivory
3/4/11 Mission Gamma: Twilight
3/19/11 Mission Gamma: This Gray Spirit
4/2/11 Mission Gamma: Cathedral
4/7/11 Mission Gamma: Lesser Evil
4/16/11 The Brave and the Bold: Book One
4/23/11 The Brave and the Bold: Book Two
4/26/11 Star Trek Nemesis
5/4/11 Rising Son
5/9/11 Homecoming
5/15/11 The Farther Shore
5/28/11 I.K.S. Gorkon: A Good Day to Die
6/5/11 Unity
6/13/11 I.K.S. Gorkon: Honor Bound
6/22/11 Worlds of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Cardassia / Andor
6/25/11 Spirit Walk: Old Wounds
6/28/11 Spirit Walk: Enemy of My Enemy
7/11/11 Worlds of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Trill / Bajor
7/19/11 Worlds of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Dominion / Ferenginar
7/23/11 I.K.S. Gorkon: Enemy Territory
7/27/11 I.K.S. Gorkon: A Burning House
8/1/11 A Time to Kill
8/6/11 A Time to Heal
8/10/11 A Time for War, A Time for Peace
8/17/11 Death in Winter
8/21/11 Titan: Taking Wing
8/27/11 Articles of the Federation
9/6/11 Titan: The Red King
9/10/11 Titan: Orion's Hounds
9/16/11 Warpath
9/18/11 Resistance
9/21/11 Q & A
9/25/11 Before Dishonor
9/30/11 Titan: Sword of Damocles
10/8/11 Fearful Symmetry
10/3/11 Greater Than the Sum
10/11/11 The Soul Key
10/16/11 Destiny: Gods of Night
10/20/11 Destiny: Mere Mortals
10/26/11 Destiny: Lost Souls
11/4/11 Losing the Peace
11/13/11 A Singular Destiny
11/18/11 Titan: Over a Torrent Sea
12/6/11 Full Circle
12/26/11 Titan: Synthesis
12/27/11 Typhon Pact: Zero Sum Game
1/6/12 Typhon Pact: Seize the Fire
1/18/12 Typhon Pact: Rough Beasts of Empire
2/5/12 Typhon Pact: Paths of Disharmony
2/17/12 Indistinguishable from Magic
2/27/12 DTI: Watching the Clock
3/5/12 Children of the Storm
3/6/12 Typhon Pact: The Struggle Within

So, I have a list for this year too, but it's filled with mostly NOT Trek. Not that I didn't enjoy that ride, but I'm SO ready to visit another universe or two. First off - Artemis Fowl. I read the first one a few years ago and thought it was charming, so I'm going to read at least the first four that I already own. Depending on how I feel when I finish, I'll either go out and find the rest or move on to something else.
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