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Netflix may pick up Terra Nova

Deadline story.
I hear that 20th TV and Netflix have been in talks about keeping the pre-historic drama alive. My sources stress that the conversations are preliminary and it is unclear if they will materialize into a negotiation, but for fans of the series left heartbroken by Fox’s decision on Monday not to pick it up for a second season, this is still encouraging news.
Right idea, anyway...obviously sci fi is a good match with Netflix, since they are both internet centric. But they'd need to make huge changes, for starters the family-friendly approach is no longer valid (to the extent it ever was).

Netflix is no more overseen by the FCC than cable is, and Netflix needs to play the cable game of appealing to niche audiences and ignoring all the tropes that have defined broadcast TV to date. In fact, they need to think of themselves as cable on steroids. Whatever HBO or Showtime has done in terms of targetting specific audiences, Netflix should set their sights on beating them at that.

The great advantage of internet streamed TV is the ability to reach specific niche audiences on a global basis, all at once. There's no reason to continue the outdated broadcast TV approach of trying to reach broad based audiences for the benefit of advertisers. Netflix's business model is based on subscriptions, not ads, and that changes the game.

For instance, Netflix could ditch the grownups and make this a kids' dino show. I wouldn't like that personally, but it would be just as valid of an approach as going for the sci-fi action niche, and really ramping up the sex and violence. They just need to jump one way or the other, not fall into the middle.

I've been wondering whether Netflix would launch a space opera series, and whether the SFX budget would be prohibatve. Well, if they can afford dinos, they can afford spaceships. However, it remains to be seen whether even dinos are in the budget.

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