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Re: Why was Kes written off the show?

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And, the beauty of it is that nobody will. Because that would require people like Lynx to stop blathering on about Jennifer Lien being wronged 24/7 and actually commit to writing something of substance for a change. Mark my words: It won't happen.
I know she has written a lot of fan fiction, which you dismiss as not being the kind of writing you want. However there is no reason to assume that Lynx couldn't take her story ideas and type them into a post here and show you what "writing for the character" could be about. You act as though there is a finite amount of story out there and because the writers say they ran out of story that is the truth. But there is not a finite amount of story, there's just stories people want to tell and stories which aren't as interesting so don't get picked up, or stories which cost too much, or stories which take a show into an area it doesn't want to emphasize such as romance or comedy.

If someone does post a story they would want to see told about Kes it will be easy to point to it and say "too.. X" and so it wouldn't work, if you apply a critical eye. I imagine any posted stories will get that response.

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