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Re: Why was Kes written off the show?

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DoubeOhFive, like I've said a million times, Kenneth Biller said the character of Kes had a lot of potential for future stories. Not to mention the fact that Kes was featured quite a lot in season. So clearly not all the writers were drawing blanks on what to do with Kes.
I have seen you mention this. I know about it, and I know Ken because I worked for him on Legend of the Seeker.

But despite this fact, it is not the point I am trying to make. It does not, either, negate the fact that the people in charge of Voyager at the time, elected to write Kes out of the show.

So yes, some of the writers and actors obviously felt differently than the studio and the showrunners. That fact is not in question.

We've seen all kinds of things being bandied about in this thread. Among them:

The writers lied.
Jennifer Lien was on drugs.
Kes was hard to write for.
Jeri Taylor didn't like writing for Kes.

Along with the -at times haughty- presumption that some in this thread could have written better. I have challenged them to do so.

And, the beauty of it is that nobody will. Because that would require people like Lynx to stop blathering on about Jennifer Lien being wronged 24/7 and actually commit to writing something of substance for a change. Mark my words: It won't happen.

Whatever the reasons, Kes was written out of the show. The writers were well within their right, creatively, legally, and just plain generally in their function as writers of the show to do so.
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