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Re: Why was Kes written off the show?

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OO5, there is tons of fanfic out there. Are you asking to be linked to it? Clear your week.
I am not asking for fan fiction. I'm asking for stories from the people in this thread advocating that there were plenty of stories left for Kes to be a part of. There's a difference.

It's far too easy today to get so riled up and complain and accuse show writers of lying for some nefarious purpose than it is to actually put your (again, general "your") money where your mouth is.

If these people are still (still!) so incensed by how this was all handled more than a decade ago, they should be able to channel that energy into typing up a reasonable summary of their ideal Kes episode.

I, personally, don't think that's entirely ridiculous a request.

Personally I was either irritated or bored by the character and the only time I liked her was in Warlord when she was not really Kes. I don't like sweet, non-confrontational females which is what I found her to be. Someone once mentioned her "wide eyed wonder" and how they related to it.. I guess I don't find that very good tv viewing.
Kes was boring after a while. They did everything they could with her. Apart from actually aging her out and making *that* a story, there wasn't much left that warranted keeping her on another season.
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