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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

They'd have to go shoot in the desert and have the story happen mainly on just that planet or maybe a few nearby planets that all look pretty much like each other...

The bonus to being the first to stick out your neck with made-for-streaming TV is that you'd also be the first to figure out how to make the money work.

Right now they're stuck. Advertisers blanch at associating their products with online content (that's why YouTube is making "professional content" now) and consumers won't cought up bucks for subscriptions because they're used to getting everything free. TrekBBS could tell you all about the difficulty of "monetizing" online content.

The micro-budget approach is self-defeating for space opera or any scripted content (talk shows, gossip shows and comedy are a different thing). There are dozens (hundreds?) of fan films and low budget attempts out there doing that, but who's making money? They need to at least come up to the level of professional TV series in order to compete.

But if someone figures out the holy grail of either creating an abundant stream of inexpensive yet advertiser-friendly content or creating content that consumers will actually pay for - or both - will have the advantage.

Until their competitors copy them, of course. So to lock in your lead, it needs to be something uncopyable. And from what I can tell, all content on the internet is copyable, particularly by the well-heeled megacorporations who will quickly horn in on any promising new business opportunity. But you can't copy a community.

They should start with the audience - that's the product and their unique advantage. Create the community first, then build the content around the community. Your competitors can try to copy your content and steal your advertisers but as long as you keep your community happy, and out there recruiting new community members, you'll be safe, well as safe as anyone ever is.
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