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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Aldebran Whiskey
B is for Beta Quadrant, The (The forgotten quadrant)
C is for Caitian Cuisine
D is for Deltan Oath of Celibacy
E is for Epsilon IX
F is for Ferengi
G is for Galorndon Core
H is for Herbert. Herbert doesn't reach.
I is for "I am Nomad"
J is for Jupiter Station
L is for Lorelei, as in "The Lorelei Signal."
M is for Mugatu
N is for Niners
O is for the Outrageous Okuna. He got to hang out with a young Terri Hatcher.
P is for Porthos
Q is for Q continuum
R is for Regula I (Research Station)
S is for Samara (What FASA believed Nyota Uhura's first name was)
T is for Tuvok
U is for Uniform
V is for Voyager
W is for "WHY?!"
X is for Xindi (again)
Y is for "You Klingon bastard!"
Z is for Zarabeth
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