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Re: Star Trek TV Series To 3-D - CBS possible Conversion

I came across this today. a Hollywood Reporter article about Fox channel testing 2-D to 3-D converter technology for movies as well as television.

Ian Harvey, senior vp, advanced technology at Fox,
Harvey explained that the studio is working with JVC to improve the 2D-to-3D conversion workstation with with an eye toward developing a cost effective way to get a quality result. The JVC technology, he suggested, might “enable us to make decisions (to convert content). Right now it is cost prohibitive.”
Fox is also testing the JVC workstation with episodic series television content. A 3D trailer for the series New Girl was converted using the technology.

JVC has not yet established a US price for the system.
Fox Testing JVC Technology for 2D-to-3D Conversion

If JVC is allowing a major TV network to test it then a few other companies have similar technology they are working on too. There are a number of patents for this type of technology.
New Girl is a single-camera comedy that shoots traditionally and I don't really see the need to convert modern TV to 3-D with a post conversion. Why not shoot a sitcom in stereoscopic 3-D to give a sense of depth to the set?
Sure convert cheaply old episodes of Miami Vice because it will air on the 500 channel universe with 100 3-D channels. I guess if people have a 3-D HDTV they want new HD content to watch in 3-D other than stereoscopically shot native 3-D sports.

What else can CBS Home Video really do with TOS-R after syndication and selling the HD files and downloads of TOS-R? What other video products can they sell with the TOS property of the Trek franchise? I can see CBS doing this in 10 years when better technology comes out.
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