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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

Homefront (****)

New flash from Earth: On a planet of roughly 9 billion people, 27 were killed in a terrorist bombing. People are panicking and the government is upping security, including invasive blood tests on civilians and phaser beams being shot into everyone's living rooms. President Jaresh-Inyo says he was convinced these measures were necessary following a brief 2-minute conversation where he completely changed his position on the issue. Head of Starfleet Security, General Hague, says that these measures were long-needed and denied all rumours that his advocacy for these measures is related to his stock-holding in a company that manufactures wall-mounted phaser-sweep devices. The Acting-Head of Earth Security, Captain Cisco, says that if members of the Federation Council don't stop objecting to these reasonable measures then he will take the proportional response of poisoning the entire planet.
The night before my tenth birthday I was watching TV when a news-flash popped up stating that the IRA had broken their ceasefire and bombed Canary Wharf in London. Two years later I remember being on holiday in Galway when a news report on the radio announced the Omagh bombing. To me, terrorism is just a thing that has always been a part of my life. But it's a small part of my life, even in a region of the world with active terrorist groups the most I have ever been put out is by terrorism is being unable to find a bin at a British railway station. I hate minor annoyances like that, because I seriously doubt that someone that's demented enough to want to blow up a relatively minor train station is going to be put off by the lack of bins. I'm not saying that terrorism should be ignored, but there's a hysteria about it that's out of proportion, and many of the security measures brought in to combat it only give a veneer of real security.

So I like what this episode does, it shows us that sometimes a good man like Sisko can get so caught up with a potential threat that they lose sight of what's really going on. He's willing to sacrifice his principles to implement security procedures that have never actually been proven to work. He even goes so far as to temporarily suspect his own father of being a Changeling just because he doesn't want to have his blood tested. Speaking of which, I really enjoyed that angle of the episode, seeing the three Siskos united for the first time on screen and their relationships with one another. I also liked seeing Nog in the academy.

I could say more, but I think I'll hold off until the next part otherwise I might not have much to say tomorrow.

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