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Re: Could we have an alien Captain?

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Afterall we had a female and a black captain.

Why not a Kreetassan, Karema, Vaduwaur, Bolian, Vorgon, Denobulan or a Suliban captain?
From that list I would say:

- Bolian (love Bolians for some reason)

- Denobulan (an odd species, but I could live with that)
- Kreetassan (verging on Nay, I found them annoying and over used on ENT)
- Suliban (would be interesting to see what they were up to in the 24th century)

- Karemma (they are members of the Dominion and in the GQ)
- Vaadwaur (they were still out in the DQ, plus they weren't very likable)
- Vorgon (I found them a very dull species)
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