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Re: "Yorktown: A Time to Heal" - Official thread for the Sulu fan film

Hello all on the thread,
I posted this on it's own thread but also thought to post it here as well.
I wanted to let you know about a Video Podcast on Youtube and Itunes called Trekspeak.
The most recent episode features an interview with John Atkin, a regular contributor to this thread and Supervising producer for Yorktown A Time to Heal.

Yorktown : A Time to Heal featured George Takei playing Sulu in between Star Trek III and IV. Due to an article in Starlog magazine at the time, many people are aware of the film however very little footage has ever been seen.

In this video interview available also as a podcast on Itunes, John shares the background on the film including how Stan Woo managed to get George Takei involved as well as Andrew Probet who designed starships for the film. The film is now being remastered from old negatives with new footage being shot and John discusses how the old footage will be matched to the new. What ships are we going to see courtesy of Roland Baron(Of Gods and Men, VFX)?, How have the old cast reacted to the remastering and many more questions are discussed in this 37 minute interview.

Youtube link :

The video includes never before seen Yorktown footage featuring Sulu and a glimpse at the new Klingon scenes recently filmed to be added the original footage and also many photos from the set, new ship designs and much more.
A new VFX trailer is available and that is also included as well as a commonly available non remastered trailer.

If this is of any interest to you or your readers, feel free to share it.
Thanks alot and I will include links to the 3 available videos all of them discussing a different fan film project with another film maker.
I hope to cover many more subjects in the future.

George Takei Fan Film Interview : Youtube link :
Star Trek : The Final Darkness fan film interview :
Star Trek : Project Potemkin fsn film interview : (Links to Youtube page)
Trekspeak on itunes
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