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Re: Am I the only one who loves SGU?

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Unless you have a deeper understanding of Minkowski space equations than I(admittedly a mere layman) you're arguing a point that neither of us know anything about or can dogmatically support. Assuming that hyperspace is somehow completely divorced from normal space is a pretty huge leap to make when neither of us knows anything about the actual mathematics involved.
I never said I knew how it works in real-life, assuming it does, but we do know how it works in the show.

As to hyperspace and warp drive(Alcubierre drive) both are speculative and hypothetical. So while "magic" might not be exactly the right descriptive word, it is not entirely the wrong word either.
It seemed to be used as a critique, I wasn't suggesting it had basis in fact, only offering some perspective. It's no worse than any of the other fictional means of FTL use in sci-fi.

I really don't see why Zipacna's method can't be used in any circumstance.
Because at any given time there are hundred, perhaps thousands of aircraft in the air over Earth. The planet Zipacna used the method on was uninhabited.

But regardless, there's enough Ancient and Asgard technology on Earth and on its starships that Goa'uld cloaking technology should effectively be obsolete.
To my knowledge the amount of Ancient technology is minimal after the chair was destroyed, and we've had no indication that anything we have can detect cloaked ships, ditto Asgard tech. I don't see what the point in arguing that we could detect them is, not when we know via the show that Earth can't, and it's so easy to rationalize why they can't.

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