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Re: VOY Fans and Janeway in the VOY relaunch books (spoilers)

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I get the impression that many of those who like the current direction of the books are those who didn't like the TV series and didn't like Janeway either.
Balderdash! Janeway was my favourite VOY character. But I also had no problem with her death creating a stronger, higher-profile relaunch.

I was more annoyed by Data's canonical demise, since his death did little/nothing to invigorate TNG.

teacake wrote: View Post
And Therin there are PLENTY of people who think otherwise...

Amazon reviews offer a fairly divided opinion
So... "fairly divided" is not "most".
Sorry, but I can't see how killing of the main character of the show and omitting three others will create "a stronger, higher-profile relaunch".

As for the opinion about the assasination of Janeway, I do think that those who want Janeway alive and well are in the majority among the Voyager fans.
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