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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

I've talked about it on the STO boards before, and while I think most of the ideas tossed out by some of the lifers and gold members are silly, I do agree that there needs to be a real reason to subscribe. For myself, I'm a Silver, and I'm fine with that because for many months I had a sub, so I got to keep everything I purchased (which I feel is as it should be anyway). In essence, I have the same stats as a gold member, I just don't have to pay, save that I don't get anything towards Vet rewards or C-points.

Still, when one looks over the benefits, there are virtually none. The Vet rewards aren't the greatest, and 400 C-points seems awfully paltry. Someone suggested 600 C-points and I felt that would be better. Another person suggested 1000 C-points, but that may be a bit much. Some of the sillier ideas were to not allow Silver players use chat, another was to keep Silver players from being allowed to reach VA, which is stupid, because some of the most expensive items in the C-Store are the endgame ships.

That's not even the biggest problem. That belongs to the same issue Scout was discussing, that everyone's running out of space, and even when you buy extra slots, you fill them up fast due to the nature of the game. I am tempted to go through my 12 ships and deleted half of them, just to make room because I know there are new ships coming that I'm going to want (Ambassador class T5, please!).

I purchased bank vault space (2 rows), and I'm still filling it up. I'm not a pack rat, everything in my bank serves a purpose. It's either my pets, the data samples, the rare commodities, or rare to very rare ground/space weapons that cost too much to buy on the exchange, so I don't throw them away. I can understand why people start fleets, so they can have the fleet bank space!

They'll need a workaround to this soon, because the whole idea is to accumulate rare and fun items, and people won't do that if they fear they have to trash them (and lose them for good) to make room for something else. It would be different if I could get rid of a ship knowing I could get it back (you can only do it for the C-Store ships), but I lost a couple of ships that way and now you have to pay in dilithium and c-points if you want them again, and right now, converting C-points to dilithium is an exercise in futility, because the rates are so low, you spend a gob of C-points for relatively little dilithium. I think we can thank the lock box/master key lottery for that one.

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