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Re: Am I the only one who loves SGU?

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The question itself is nonsensical. If an object is in hyperspace then it's travelling through hyperspace, it's not travelling through anything in normal space. Also, I think you'll find hyperspace has as much basis in real science as warp drive does, if not more so.
Unless you have a deeper understanding of Minkowski space equations than I(admittedly a mere layman) you're arguing a point that neither of us know anything about or can dogmatically support. Assuming that hyperspace is somehow completely divorced from normal space is a pretty huge leap to make when neither of us knows anything about the actual mathematics involved.

As to hyperspace and warp drive(Alcubierre drive) both are speculative and hypothetical. So while "magic" might not be exactly the right descriptive word, it is not entirely the wrong word either.
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