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Re: Am I the only one who loves SGU?

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The whole "cloaked cargo ships are undetectable" is pure bullshit. Cloaked cargo ships were regularly detected in SG-1, Earth with Ancient and Asgard tech should have no problem doing the same.
It's not bullshit, it makes perfect sense given what we've seen. To my knowledge cloaked cargo ships have only ever been detected twice in franchise history. Once by Anubis with with Ancient technology, and again by Zipacna when he'd already detected it coming out of hyperspace and had a fleet above the planet, and even then he only found it by scanning for atmospheric disturbances - not something practical on Earth.

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Plus, has it been shown what happens when an object in hyperspace blows through a planet?

Yeah, its all magic I guess.
The question itself is nonsensical. If an object is in hyperspace then it's travelling through hyperspace, it's not travelling through anything in normal space. Also, I think you'll find hyperspace has as much basis in real science as warp drive does, if not more so.
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