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Re: Am I the only one who loves SGU?

The problem is that the Stargate franchise has made the classic blunder(one made by almost every major sci-fi franchise) of allowing ships to move really really fast. Without any thought given to the basic physical implications.

At around 3000 meters per second your accelerated mass will hit with roughly the force of its own mass in TNT.

At 86.6% of the speed of light your kinetic energy is equal to the rest mass. Which gives you the force of pure anti-matter. One gram of anti-matter plus one gram of matter will produce a roughly 43 kiloton blast. Say we take an average-ish human mass of 70 kilograms and use that as a relativistic weapon it will hit with the force of 201,620 Hiroshimas.

And a Hatuk or even Deathglider masses a lot more than that.

Anyone with a ship that can travel at a decent percent of lightspeed has the power to destroy civilizations.

Physics ruins fun science fiction.
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