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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

The big news about Terra Nova's cancellation (likely followed by Alcatraz and Fringe, and maybe Touch depending on how it fares when it returns - I got a bad feeling that the ratings won't hold up for that one either) has implications for pilot season.

So far, FOX has greenlit very few pilots compared with what it's going to need next fall, and none in the sf/f category. What are they going to put in the Friday night deathslots, aka the new home for sf/f? My hunch is that a few more orders will come in now, with some sf/f in the mix.

FOX pilots so far.

We've got the standard genres in the list: spy, lawyer, doctor, spy, cop. Here's what it has in the sf/f category that have not been picked up:

Pandemic - drama about an epidemiologist who is facing difficult adversaries as he fights to stop a catastrophic pandemic.

Punisher – based on the comic book, this series will transform the comic book antihero Frank Castle into a rising-star detective in the New York Police Department who moonlights as a vigilante, seeking justice for those the courts have failed.

Stranger Planet – drama about a hard-boiled L.A. cop who stumbles upon the existence of aliens living among us and must team up with two aliens in order to solve intergalactic mysteries on Earth.

The Magicians - an adaptation of the fantasy novel series by Lev Grossman about a group of 20-somethings in New York who study magic and have access to a magical world.

The Spectre - drama based on the DC Comics hero, a former cop serving time in afterlife limbo who hunts down earthly criminals on behalf of the dead - and mortals soon to be dead if ultimate justice is not served.
Ewgh, I don't blame them for snubbing that group...only The Magicians sounds somewhat interesting, and I've heard that it's definitely dead... Maybe they can revive it?
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