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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Also gotta buy it for each toon, not each account, so the "free" CP are more than used up just trying to keep up with those things. Since the value of the items I'd buy is cheaper than what I paid to get the "free" CP, not sure I'd classify it as that. If it was a reasonable cost to unlock more BOFF slots, ship slots, bank slots per ACCOUNT, I'd probably spend a few there. Since it's NOT cheap, and I'd have to do it on every toon (currently 5, but it fluctuates), it would cost way more than I'm given. Since the cost of the majority (not all) of items doubled when the "free" CP was introduced, not sure how valuable it really is anyway.

Weren't the "free" CP supposed to be used for recognizing the fact that we paid for access to something, and then Cryptic changed things to give that access away for free? Having to use the payback money to make up for requirement bloat seems less fun than getting to use it to buy costumes, or a ship, or whatever. And even then, there are upper limits to what you can buy. Just looking for the developers to admit that there's been a bit of bloat in the number of unique items we might hold onto over time, and gradually bump available space up for long-time veterans to accomodate that.

Just saying that if you're given a free BOFF, for example, you should get a place to PUT them, too. And if you give away enough different BOFFs over time, should recognize that more slots are going to be required (tie to to a Veteran Reward when you give away the Android, for example) to put them. Which unique, irreplaceable BOFF should you dump to accept the next one? Doubt the Jem'Hadar will be the last purple BOFF given away in the game, so eventually going to have to drop the special ones to accept anyone else.

Not saying we should have dozens of slots, and get them all free, but if you've been playing this game nonstop for 2+ years, pretty much all your spots (ships, BOFFs, DOFFs, bank) are maxed out, or close. And every time they put out more 3-piece ship sets, or ground sets, the available space shrinks. Just about anything of marginal value is Bind on Pickup, so you can't send the lesser-valuable stuff to your new characters, can't sell them on exchange, can't give away to Fleet members. Just end up putting unique things in the garbage, which kinda sucks...
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