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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

^^ I feel your pain. I chose to spend 200 CP for 2 extra BO slots so that I could add the Android and Jem'Hadar Boff's. I'm constantly shuffling items around in my inventory and selling off what I don't need.

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I'm a 500 day veteran, so I have the rewards up to that point.

600 day / VA ship token - It may be cheaper to keep a paid membership versus purchasing ships for the rest of my characters. Have to run the numbers again.

700 day / Android BOFF, - I'd like to have that, but not going to lose sleep over it. Eventually it will probably be in the C-store.

I'm recently a 700 day vet, and I found out that I also get an extra character slot to start a new character.
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