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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

At some point, they need to start awarding SLOTS to go with all the benefits. Went down my BOFF list when I got the Jem'Hadar award, and tried to figure out who I could get rid of to fill him in. Breen, Jem'Hadar, Borg Sci, Borg Eng (amazon reward), Photonic Doc, that's half the slots right there. Add in the Android when i get that one soon, and almost no spots for the actual crew you pick up along the way. I already have to drop Purple BOFFs when I pick someone up, pretty close to having to drop the special reward ones, which I can't reclaim.

Similar situation for ships. When it was energy-costs only, you could always just drop one and buy it again. Now they cost tokens, and you can't reclaim them, so not gonna dump them. I kept my Fleet Escort, bought a Defiant, got the Gal-X and the Exploration retrofit VA reward, TOS Enterprise, Captain's Yacht, Delta Flier, and then have been hanging onto the Sovereign and I think the runabout just because they're paid for and can't get them back easily. Had to jettison my other shuttle to get the Oddessy.

Same deal with bank slots. Keep all the data types, a few commodities around (including new GQ ones), and you're already half full. Anniversary rewards, a few of the ship and ground sets that were special rewards you can't get again, all this stuff adds up.

At some point, there needs to be an allowance for expansion of BOFF/Ship/Bank slots without having to buy more. It's been 2+ years, the number of potential items has drifted over time. What used to be enough just isn't if you kept half the crap they give us. The choices for what to throw away are getting tougher, and they keep releasing more and more items you have to collect. Up to a point, I could buy more slots, but having to do this for each character, and on a repeated basis, really isn't worth it to me.

Don't feel I'm hoarding, just not sure where to cut at this point. Half the free bonus rewards now require me to drop something I'm using, or pay to buy a slot to accept them...
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