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Re: Why was Kes written off the show?

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And Kes had MORE potential than Troi, so it's kind of silly to say that they had to dump Kes because it was "so hard" to write for her.
As I mentioned at the start of this thread, the actress playing Kes was also hard to write for, not just the character. Ms Lien is painfully shy in real life and, although she is capable of incredible performances on-screen (I liked her in the sitcom "Phenom" before I knew her on VOY), it could be that some directors found it hard to communicate with her. Why she made public appearances at conventions when she is so shy is also hard to fathom; Jennifer Lien came to Australia and was so freaked out on stage that the audience thought she was under the influence of drugs. Some demanded their money back. Hence the many rumours that were racing around about her dismissal.

As we've heard with other actors, some characters inspire the staff writers to greatness. Others, for hundreds of reasons, don't work out the way the creators imagined they might at initial casting.

"Kind of silly", but the writers did find Kes a difficult character to write for. You can see them tinkering with the character every season (her powers, her appearance, the relationships with other characters), but nothing seemed to be working as well as they wanted. Seven of Nine, however, opened many wonderful opportunities for character building.

I don't see how Ms. Lien's shyness would be relevant to the way writers treated her character. And no, I really didn't get the vibe that she was getting hard to write for, I think she was improving as the show went on. I think that's stuff made up after the fact as justification for dumping her to get a more conventional "babe." If anything, the show struggled with finding Neelix a role, as he went from "guide" to "morale officer" to "ambassador."

If there's stuff from long before her dismissal about the difficulties writing for her, then I'd believe it, but otherwise it just looks like rationalization.
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