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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Trek wrote: View Post
Played through all my toons last night and there was indeed little difference (all of them are at VA or LG, which is part of the reason I went f2p)

The only real effect it had was that when my Gorn hit LG last night he didn't get the extra Bank/Inventory slots. However he did still get the LG ship token! (As it's a veteran reward of course).
Rocketeer wrote: View Post
Appreciate all the info. When F2P was first announced I thought I would never be a free player. However, Cryptic is giving so much to the F2P crowd.

I need to recalculate how much dilithium or cp's it would take to acquire the ships my characters still need. I already have a lot of things unlocked on this account and don't plan on creating any new toons (have 8 already).

So still considering the pros and cons.

Of course you guys will be missing out of the free ship varient, hull matieral (which I think may be the Odessey based one they were talking about doing), and free uniform that are coming up in the vet rewards.
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