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Re: DS9 Season 10, ep 10x14 - "Against the Odds"

fleetcaptain wrote: View Post
Can I say, wow there. What a ending and I now can't wait for the next one.
Cool - thanks!

Wally wrote: View Post
From an "In the Cards" to a "Tears of the Prophets". This two-parter really has an interesting structure. I liked it.
Thankee-sai. *bows*

As I said last ep, I liked to idea of seeing what the "teenagers" get up to when the grown-ups aren't around. And I like the idea that what starts off as wacky hijinks turns on a dime into something deadly serious. And that the gang go off with no greater plans than a night of fun at the casino, and come back with something vital to defeating the Big Bad of the season.

Wally wrote: View Post
Don't entirely understand Dez being so off-putting, but once again, all the other characterizations where pretty much spot on.
I think Dez was kind of expecting the worst from Jake - they didn't part on the best of terms in Rising Son - and was reacting premptively to that. Which in turn made things worse than they needed to be, especially since Jake was really only reacting to Dez's reaction to him.

I regret that I didn't have enough time to get into the other characters on the Even Odds as much as I'd have liked, but there simply wasn't room in a single episode, not when there was so much plot and exposition to squeeze in as well.

For example, I'd wanted to get into Glessin and Rena's reactions to each other as a Cardassian and a Bajoran. Nothing too big, just an acknowledgement. And how Glessin felt about Meera's presence, given his previous reaction to Taran'atar. And Feg and Triv fawning over Nog some more, and being confused when Nog doesn't automatically side with profit over all else. And an explanation of why Nog was so scared of the flurble and so uncomfortable around Pif and his family - because Ferengi animals aren't furry, thus furry things are just unnatural to a Ferengi. And Prynn talking to Brad about the latter's crush on Jake, thus informing her decision regarding Shar later on. And so on. I think between this and the previous episode, there's definitely enough material to have filled a novel.

I may have mentioned before - I have a tendency to waffle.

Wally wrote: View Post
The use of the Wa. It makes so much sense, I never even thought about it. I do wonder if that's what the original Re-Launch others had meant for it or not.
I think it definitely might have been. I looked at all the clues dribbled out across Rising Son and other books and really, it does add up remarkably smoothly if you keep a close eye.

I'm glad you think it makes sense - I was going for a reaction of "OMG I never thought of that, but you're right!" I think that reaction is something DS9 the show excelled at - like when Dukat joined the Dominion for example - and I wanted to follow it through. And I have more coming of that sort of thing too.

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I do wonder with Shar's relationship with Prynn being resolved, how long he will sticking around now.
I'm going for a kind of on-again-off-again thing with these two. They both want to, but there's just too many reasons for them not to.

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I am pleased that although there is clearly going to be a conflict/war of some sort with the Ascendants that it is being handled much different than other conflicts.
I've always had the feeling that the Ascendant conflict was not going to be yet another interstellar war, but confined to just the people directly involved - the Ascendants, the Bajorans and Eavoq. I don't think it really affects much beyond them, but those who it does affect, it does so profoundly.

Wally wrote: View Post
Keep up the good work.
I hope you continue to think I am doing so.

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